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Tradeasy is an intuitive accounting software in India, Established in 2000. We are privately owned business, based in, India. We endeavor to provide scalable, cost-effective and integrated IT support services that leave you free to concentrate on your core business activities. Fully integrating within your organization, we always take the time to understand your industry and business aspirations so that we can provide an IT support service to accommodate your future plans.

tradeasy is an intuitive Accounting software package based Middle east . Tradeasy compromises Accounts, Billing, Stocking, VAT and VAT Solution. The advantage of this software is, it helps in managing critical and major financial area of business and gives freedom of enjoyment in all aspects. The founder members dream was to reach their clients with a positive feedback along with the help of fully fledged dedicated team. In the past years we were famed as error free software compared to any other leading software in the world. Nowadays, Thousands of un-branded Software users are converted to Tradeasy, which shows how Tradeasy is creating a user friendly atmosphere. Tradeasy has experienced and professional workforce who brings out innovative ideas in the field of accounting solutions.

Holding the experience of 15 years, we have achieved brand equity as one of the leading accounting packages in India. Tradeasy was started 15 years back and the software is now being used at the offices of famous professional accountants. Tradeasy was launched in the market after thorough testing and retesting and at present Tradeasy is 100 % error free software. We are nearly having 5000 clients in Southern India who are in the market for decades. They have evaluated our products along with lot of other accounting packages. Our product is now having brand equity not only in India but also in Malaysia and other Middle East Countries, precisely U.A.E, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar.

It may also be noted that lots of software sites throughout the world have evaluated our product and listed Tradeasy in their respective web sites for downloading and hence we look forward for clients from all over the world.

Our customer segments are

Department Stores
Super Bazaar
Margin Free Markets
C& F Agents
Distribution Companies
Retail Shops
Chartered Accountants
Spare Parts Shops
Stationary Shops

Book Stalls
Hardware & Sanitary Shops
Marble & Tiles Shops
Paint Shops
Bar& Hotels
Textile shops,
Computer Dealers
Electrical & Electronic shops,

Home appliances,
Marketing Companies
Fuel Trading,
Manufacturing Units
Pharmacy Distributors
Medical Shops
Foot wears

The introduction to VAT

What will be the VAT Rates?

The VAT rates will be equal or less than to 5% in UAE.

When will VAT go in effect?

VAT is expected to be implemented in UAE on January 1, 2018.

Why VAT in UAE ?

The implementation of VAT will provide a new source of income to the government and providing high quality public services in future.

Who will pay the VAT?

VAT will be payable by every individual in the country, who will be willing to buy any product or service.


To be the most preferred Accounting Software in India. To rise up to the level of imparting all accounting connected services to any company of any standards.


To offer customer-oriented innovative services by leveraging technology to provide superior returns. To achieve the highest service standards through principled human resources striving in a focused, transparent and ethical manner to exceed client expectations. To attain sustained growth levels with best clientele relationships.

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